Small Demonstration Farm

The TVCDC Food Sovereignty Initiative’s Small Demonstration Farm will serve as a model and education center at Thunder Valley CDC. This model will help to expand the local food system and increase access to local, healthy food options.

We intend to:

  • Strengthen food sovereignty on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation through an enhanced local food system.
  • Improve access to local, healthy foods, including culturally appropriate options.
  • Create more informed community members, especially youth, about the health, environmental, and economic benefits of supporting a local food system

We engage youth in the demonstration farm to plant and harvest food and take care of the poultry unit. The food grown and produced at the demonstration farm is available to all community members on the reservation. We also provide our Lakota Immersion Childcare with food from the farm.

This model will include a greenhouse, poultry unit, and bees.  Each of these aspects is a hands on learning experience for our community to be reengaged with food production and consumption.  These models are each scalable models that can be brought to size across the reservation to create a local food system with the ability to feed communities across the reservation.

First Nations Development Institute