Lakota Food Sovereignty Coalition

The Food Sovereignty Coalition is a reservation-wide collaboration between food producers, processors, transporters, financial supporters, sellers, and consumers on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. We collaborate with local, state and federal programs to create a sustainable food system on the Pine Ridge Reservation. The Coalition works to create a more sustainable, prosperous and sovereign localized food system.  The goal of the Coalition is: to sustainably produce and provide access to delicious, nutritious, local foods that increase and improve the quality of our lives, economy, communities and environment through education, culture, mindfulness and balance.

The Coalition works to:

  • Strengthen food sovereignty on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation through the design and creation of a local food system.
  • Assist the Oglala Lakota Tribal Government with the review, revised and creation of food policies
  • Provide local community with the needed information on what a local food system consists of

At present, roughly 95% of food consumed on the reservation is transported from off-reservation sources, while the majority of food produced on the reservation is exported to off-reservation consumers. The Coalition provides a reliable network for regional food system contributors to collectively create strategies for restoring and reconstructing a functional local food system, keeping the main components of the system within a 300 mile radius.  Additionally, as part of the Coalition, members insight into how their individual contributions can advance the region’s broader goals.

Current members of the coalition include: