Regional Equity

Our work extends far beyond our physical office sites.  We want to create systemic change on the Pine Ridge Reservation and believe that this is only possible by creating legal, political, financial, and physical infrastructure through developing partnerships with others who share our vision for creating lasting change.

We have led the movement for creating equity on the Pine Ridge Reservation through our work engaging community members, non profit leaders, political leaders, philanthropy, and federal partners. It is our goal to contiue disrupting the status quo by building community power so that we can overcome intergenerational poverty and develop thriving, inclusive communities. 


Oyate Omniciye | Oglala Lakota Regional Plan - in 2012 we facilitated reservation wide community engagement sessions which helped determine 12 priority areas for our people. With an established Regional Plan we have greater collective impact and clearer strategies for the future.

AmeriCorp VISTA - As part of our Promise Zone designation, our region is able to apply for AmeriCorp Volunteers In Service to America (VISTA) workers who help build the capacity of organizations all across the reservation.

Pine Ridge Promise Zone - Pine Ridge was designated as a Promise Zone by the Obama Administration in 2015, with TVCDC as the Coordinating Agecy. The designation provides an opportunity for our voice to be heard nationally while giving us the opportunity to determine what we need locally.