I Live on the Rez

Thunder Valley CDC was founded by local community members who had been part of a grassroots movement of reviving Lakota spirituality. Out of this movement came the call for locally based solutions to strengthening Oglala Lakota communities. Many of you, as community members, have participated in our community engagement sessions during the creation of the Oyate Omniciye|Oglala Lakota Regional Plan. Or perhaps you gave your thoughts during one of sessions discussing the design of our 34 acre Regenerative Community, located at the Thunder Valley CDC main offices. Or maybe this is your first time hearing about our work, and you'd like to know what we are all about. We believe that positive change on our reservation is not only possible, but that our people working together to create a better future happens every day. Our goal as an organization is to create more opportunities for our people to build their skill sets, work together and take hold of their futures.  

If you want to get involved in our organization, we run numerous programs, offer free classes & workshops, and constantly have new job opportunities.

Interested in healthier food for your family? Come learn how our food programs can help you grow a garden, find local foods to buy and learn new cooking skills.

Want to buy a car, own a home or start a business? Attend one of our free classes to learn about instantly raising your credit score, creating a budget and ways to become a homeowner, no matter your income level. 

Interested in learning or teaching Lakota? We run language programs for youth and adults, teach weekly community classes, and are always creating new resources for learners.

Looking for a great neighborhood with affordable utilities bills to start a business or raise your family? Come learn about how we are building an entire community with houses and retail spaces that are designed to keep energy use and utilities bills low. 

These are just a few examples of how you can get involved at Thunder Valley CDC. Take a look around our website to find what how one of our programs might help you reach your goals, build your future, or expand your career.