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Thunder Valley CDC has developed a comprehensive, innovative and grassroots approach to collaborating with and empowering Lakota youth and families on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to improve the health, culture and environment of our community in a way that heals and strengthens our identity.

We are building a regenerative community that goes beyond bricks and mortar—this community is focused on creating our own pathway out of poverty by building local skill and leadership capacity, exercising our sovereignty, and creating a space that empowers our community to realize its fullest potential. All of our work is place-based and comprehensive, centered on applying indigenous innovation in a way that honors our cultural heritage and is adapted for the needs and vision of our local community.

This project is a grassroots, community-driven project.  We have completed hundreds of hours of community engagement to make decisions about the development we are creating and programs we offer, and we continue to incorporate community feedback into our work as we move forward. Ultimately, our goal is to create sustainable systems change on the Pine Ridge Reservation as a model for how change is possible across the country and internationally.