Regional Equity

Our work extends far beyond our 34 acre Regenerative Community Development.  We use our Regenerative Community as a show me place.  A place where we can prove what is possible on the Pine Ridge Reservation and communities throughout the world. We want to create systemic change on the Pine Ridge Reservation and believe that this is only possible by creating legal, political, financial, and physical infrastructure.  This become a reality with partnerships and a shared vision for change.

We have lead the movement for creating equity on the Pine Ridge Reservation through our work engaging community members, non profit leaders, political leaders, philanthropy, and federal partners.  Change happens at the intersection of diverse sectors and disciplines and our work encompasses that intersection as we facilitate this movement towards an equitable future.

Tangible Change:

$18.5 million dollars leveraged into the Pine Ridge Reservation

Roads paved to increase connectivity between communities on the reservation

18 Oglala Sioux Lakota Housing Authority Energy Efficient homes through the Rural Innovation Fund

2 key reservation wide coalitions formed, focused on housing and food sovereignty

400 kids impacted through summer programming supported by the Administration for Native Americans

50 jobs created to date at Thunder Valley CDC

Tools We Have Used:

Oyate Omniciye | Regional Plan

Ladders of Opportunity

Promise Zone

Partnerships Created:

Sustainable Homeownership Coalition

Lakota Food Sovereignty Coalition

Promise Zone Working Groups

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