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Regeneration is a blog written by Nick Tilsen, Executive Director of Thunder Valley CDC.  REGENERATION is dedicated to bringing together thought leaders from around the country and the world to discuss some of the most pressing issues facing humanity today. It will include thought leaders that are implementing community based strategies as well as philanthropic innovators, public servants, and private sectors leaders. 

There are leaders from all around the country and the world that are the innovators of today building the communities of tomorrow. REGENERATION is about sharing their theories, stories, practices and insights. We hope that you will join us on this learning journey as we work towards collectively regenerating our communities and making this world a better place.

What is Regeneration?

By Nick Tilsen, March 29, 2016

This blog is about REGENERATION. It’s about the ability of an organism or system to regrow after being damaged or lost. At Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation, REGENERATION is much more than a biological process.

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